Our Story

Our Mission & Origin

We believe in building connections

In 2007, Brodie Allen, SR/WA, PSL, had a vision for the right-of-way acquisition industry – to have a company that would understand the interests of all stakeholders involved in a surface acquisition process. A company that would incorporate the Environment, Vision, Operators, Landowners, Values, and Energy in developing strategies. Today, Brodie’s vision is our reality. This reality is Evolve Surface Strategies.

Growing from a 2-person operation to a full-service acquisition firm with offices across Western Canada and more than 60 team members, Evolve’s focus on culture, community, honesty, and accountability is directly tied to our ability to engage all stakeholders for better right-of-way management and community engagement processes.


Opened our doors

EVOLVE planted our roots. In 2007, we opened our doors with our core service of obtaining land access and property rights while meeting regulatory requirements. Granted, the door was to a small condo in downtown Calgary, but it was here that our vision began to grow.

OUR VISION: At Evolve, we have vision of blending the skill sets of several key disciplines to continually develop and maintain a strong competency training program that is respected by industry, allowing our team to provide premium service while creating a new and exciting environment of choice for the surface land community to work with.


Opened our first office in Airdrie

Our vision kept on growing as we worked tirelessly to offer innovative land acquisition solutions. So much so, that our downtown condo didn’t meet our clients’ needs (or ours, for that matter) and we happily opened our first official office in Airdrie. It is here that our mission continued to grow!

OUR MISSION: Supporting Responsible Development, Respecting Stakeholder Perspectives; Operating with Vision and Values.


Expanded geographic presence

Opening locations across Western Canada, we successfully expanded our geographic reach across to Manitoba. This expansion showed us that the industry was ready to have more honest, transparent and accountable conversations. This growth alone encouraged us to keep innovating, bringing more value to our clients in their surface strategies.


Acquired a company

By listening to the industry and focusing on culture and community, both internally and externally, we acquired another right-of-way firm. With this acquisition, we continued to develop into a leader among the right-of-way industry in Canada.

2016 and 2017

Continued growth

We saw vast growth of our team through 2016 and 2017 as we acquired three more companies – two in 2016; one in 2017! To ensure that we continued to serve clients with the same level of service that Evolve was founded on, our values became even more important to our solutions. Here, we furthered our commitment to communication, strategy, community, and, of course, the wow factor in our Evolve Suggested Strategy!


Ever-growing energy! Since 2007, we’ve grown from a team of two to a team of 60+ individuals all committed to Boldly. Building. Momentum. At Evolve, it’s this energy and enthusiasm for offering innovative surface strategies that allows us to provide real value while mitigating risks. This keeps us growing and innovating for your stakeholders of today, and for the communities of tomorrow.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Honesty
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